Malin - "Close but no cigar" from Anna Tärnhuvud on Vimeo.

On the 13th of July Malin Blom is taking her bike to a friends birthday party when a car hit her from behind in high speed. The driver doesn’t stop. He drives away leaving Malin at the pavement. Unconscious. "Acute CT scans shows traumatic bleeding centrally in the right cerebrum and blood in the brain's right cavities. A number of rib fractures. Bone damage is seen on the left leg and on the collarbone and left shoulder. Open wounds on the left arm and leg, as well as on the skull.” Notes from the hospital says. 

With severe brain hemorrhages and broken bones all troughout her body, Malin goes into a coma. Once awake, a month later, she can't even remember who visited her an hour ago. The doctors believe that the thing that saved her from breaking her spine was her skateboard, wedged in between her backpack and back. 

This story is about Malins struggle to get her life back. And to get back on the skateboard again.