In August 2012, 21 percent of the swedish youth, up to age of 22 were without a job, An increasing number today reaching past 22 percent. Ronneby, a small town in the south of Sweden, rank second of communities with the highest unemployment levels for youths in the country, Every third person within this group is outside of the labor market – "Johan" being one of them.

"Johan" has been unemployed for the past five years, Now 24 years old and constantly getting told that the society has no use of him – that he´s unneeded. ”One day I asked my social worker about my chances to get a job again. She coldly replied: Honesly, there´s no one who wants to hire someone like you”

As times goes by, what happends to people when they fall into a state of beeing uneeded? Daily seeking for a job, a purpose, but repeatadly getting told you´re not good enough.